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2016 past SATs papers

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Ciao and welcome to Italy Class!


 I hope you have all had a fantastic holiday and you’re excited about the year ahead

We are going to kick start the year with our new topic theme ‘to infinity and beyond.’ Put on your space suits, buckle up and prepare for space themed learning which is out of this world!

On the first day of term we discovered a load of space debris outside the year 2 classroom. After further detective work we were able to work out that it had in fact crash landed form outer space! We found a capsule under all the debris. I wonder what could be inside…


PPA (Planning, Assessment and Preparation) Cover:

This year we will have Miss Willard covering the class on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday morning.


P.E. will take place on a Tuesday afternoon and a Thursday morning, please ensure children have full, and correct kit in school on these days. Any children with long hair will need it tied back and any earrings taken out or covered with tape. Please ensure children have trainers or suitable footwear which fits. It may be handy to label your child's clothing as undoubtedly items will be misplaced. A note will be made on any children who forget their P.E. kit.



This year, Italy class will be able to use the Cookery room on a Thursday afternoon. Is you are able to help the children, please let me know!



This term the children are required to create and design their very own Alien for our character descriptions, which we will be writing later in the Term. It doesn't matter how it is presented (e.g. brain storm, draw and label the character, art collage, clay model), the choices are up to you! Be creative!                                                     

When you bring in your created alien we will be using it to write a character description, so you will need to know the following about your character: name, age, good or bad character, where they live, friends/enemies, how it travels around, favourite colour and favourite food.

 We will be giving regular small amounts of maths homework.



Please ensure that you are reading at home at least 3 or 4 times a week and that it is recorded in your child's reading journal. Children are more than welcome to record their reading as well. I check all reading journals on a Friday.



By the end of Year 2, children should be able to spell all the words on the Emerald and Sapphire Spelling Quest (these are taken directly from the national curriculum). Your child will come home with a personalised spelling list after each time we test. We aim to test Spelling Quest twice every half term to ensure that children get enough time to practice at home.


Here is a list of all the spelling words your child will learn in the first term in year 2. Words in the ‘home spelling’ column are words which children will be tested on every Friday. These words will need to be practiced at home.

New spelling words will be given after the test on Friday to learn and practice for the following Friday.

Words in the ‘school spellings’ column are words which will be taught in lessons. It would be ideal if your child could also learn and practice these, however it is not essential as they will be taught in lessons.

For your support, here is a list of the spelling words and when they will be taught.



Home Spellings     (to practice at home)  

School Spellings

Autumn Term 1

Week 1

w/b 02.09.19


badge, edge, bridge, dodge, fudge

when, where, who, why, how

Week 2

w/b 09.09.19

g (dge)

gem, giant, magic

door, floor, poor, child, children

Find, kind

Week 3

w/b 16.09.19

s Sound spelt c

race, ice, cell, city, fancy, nice, price, rice


because, behind

Week 4

w/b 23.09.19

n sound spelt kn

Knock, Know, Knee

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,     Thursday, Friday,          Saturday, Sunday

Week 5

w/b 30.09.19

r Sound spelt wr

Wrap, write, wrong, wrist


old, cold, gold, hold, told, every

Week 6

w/b 07.09.19

le at the end of words

Bubble, cuddle,   middle, puddle,   bottle, little, table


both, only, most

Week 7

w/b 14.09.19

el at the end of words

Camel, tunnel, towel, travel

one, two, three, four, five, six


Eleven, twelve,       thirteen, fourteen,  fifteen, sixteen

Week 8

w/b 21.10.19

 I sound spelt y

Cry, fly, dry, try, reply, July, sky, fry

Wild, climb

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