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Algeria Homework

Autumn Term 1

Spelling Lists

(Click to download differentiated spelling lists)

Autumn Wk 1 & 2 - Contractions

Autumn Wk 3 & 4 - Doubled Consonants

Autumn Wk 5 & 6 - Words ending in -fer 

Autumn Wk 7 & 8 - Words ending in -tious/-cious                     


Week 1:  Handwriting                              Bronze  Silver  Gold

Week 2:  Types of Noun                          Bronze  Silver  Gold

Week 3:  Bullet Points                             Bronze  Silver  Gold

Week 4:  Parts of Speech                        Bronze  Silver  Gold 

Week 5: Adverbs & Adjectives                  Bronze  Silver Gold

Week 6: Homophones                        Bronze  Silver Gold                      



Week 1:  Arithmetic 1       Silver   Gold

Week 2:  Arithmetic 2      Silver    Gold

Week 3:  Arithmetic 3      Silver    Gold

Week 4:  Arithmetic 4        Silver     Gold

Week 5:  Arithmetic 5        Silver     Gold

Week 6:  Arithmetic 6        Silver     Gold


Topic - 8th October  Due: 14th October 

Myths & Legends

Find a famous myth or legend from another country, ideally the country you have focused on this half term. If researching online, make sure you include ‘for children’ in your search question to make sure you find an age appropriate tale!  Retell this myth or legend in your own words.


CHALLENGE: Compare this myth/legend with a story that you already knew (e.g. fairy tale, bible story, Greek myth, British legend). Are there any similarities? What are the main differences?

 Year 6 Around the World Topic Homework - Autumn 1 2019.docxDownload
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