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Learning in School

Meanwhile, in school, here are some of the things we have been doing . . . 

We miss you all but as you can see, we have been busy!

School is a bit strange without all of you but we are still doing English and Maths in the mornings and have loads of space for playtimes.

We're really lucky that the weather has been sunny and dry - we've been able to get onto the field


On the occasional wet play we've had, we have been able to get the apparatus out. 

Design Technology

In the afternoons, we have been doing lots of practical projects. One of these was the 'Build a Buggy' challenge, where we had to design and make a wheeled vehicle - we were competing to see which of our buggies would travel the furthest. The second part of this challenge was to design a vehicle that could carry a 'passenger' safely. Mr Phillips was our chief engineer and showed us how to make buggies and supported us to develop our DT skills.


No, not a first aid challenge! We were developing and extending our art skills, having a go at making masks from Modroc. 



Science/Design Technology

Last week, our project involved Science and DT. Our challenge was to design and make a waterproof hat. We made the structure of the hats using folded paper strips and masking tape. Then we had to test a range of materials to see which would make the best coverings for our hats so that they would keep our heads dry in wet weather. Once we had observed and decided which materials would be most effective for this purpose, we constructed and then tested our hats. To finish off the project we evaluated our finished products for their strengths and weaknesses, thinking of ways to improve our designs. Again, we were really luck to have a warm, sunny day to take our tests outside. We did get a bit soggy!

Forest School

Mr Phillips showed us how to cook underground on hot rocks. He dug a hole and laid a wooden platform over it then added large rocks and lots of kindling around it to make a hot bonfire. As the wooden platform burnt through, the rocks fell into the hole. By this time, they had been heated to at least 300 degrees Celsius! He then placed securely wrapped meat and potatoes on top of the hot granite. Next, he covered the food with a protective sheet and buried it all underground! Later that day, he and Mr Virgoe dug up the food - it was all cooked, clean and, of course, yummy!

We also had a go at creating socially distanced shelters using rope and plastic sheeting/tarpaulin. As you can see, we had a lovely day :)

Tie Dye Project

We decided to try our hands at tie dying and also to consider new designs for our school uniform!
Which patterns do you like best?