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Welcome to Singapore Class!

Here on this web page you will find information about Singapore Class, see what it is like in the classroom and find out about our routines along with key curriculum information. 

Singapore Class Team:

Class Teacher: Miss Squires    PPA Teacher: Mr Ryan  Teaching Assistants: Miss Abbott and Mrs Jones

We can't wait to welcome you into Year 5!


Below you will find information about home-learning tasks and activities for those pupils that may need it if they are learning from home.  The resources pupils need can be found below the Home-Learning information.  Please read/download the notes below to see what is required and the resources that are needed.  

Home Learning - Monday 21st September 2020:

English Home Learning Resources to Download:

 1.Here We Are BOOK By Oliver Jeffers.pdfDownload
 2.Favourite people and pets questions.pdfDownload
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Reading Home Learning Resources to Download:

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Maths Home Learning Resources to Download:

 1.Lesson 1 - 1000s-100s-10s-1s Power Point.pptxDownload
 2.Week 3 - 1000s-100s-10s-and-1s-Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 3.Number and Place Value - HA activities.pdfDownload
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History Home Learning Resources to Download:

 1.Facts about WWII.pdfDownload
 2.Fact file template.pdfDownload
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PE Home Learning Resources to Download:

 1.Lesson Presentation - Pre-War The Charleston.pptDownload
 2.Dance the Charleston Activity Sheet.pdfDownload
 3.Differentiation Cards.pdfDownload
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Spelling Home Learning Resources to Download:

 Look Say Cover Write Check Sheet.pdfDownload
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To welcome pupils back into school they will be taking part in a project called 'Here We Are'.  Every class in school will be taking part in the project and it centres around the book 'Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth' by Oliver Jeffers. The aim of the project is to help reunite everyone around one powerful text and one message, easing pupils back into school life with creative literacy learning along with a cross-curricular approach.  The whole school unit of work aims to re-establish a sense of community across the entire school, allowing reflection on the last few months, and also helping look forward to the future in a positive way.  

 Here We Are Topic Web.docxDownload
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World War II Topic Information:

Our topic this half term is World War II. Pupils will learn about the Second World War in Europe and why the Battle of Britain was such a significant turning point in British History. They will learn about the timeline of events such as the outbreak of the war, the Battle of Britain, the heroic rescue at Dunkirk, the Blitz, the D-Day landings and the celebrations of VE Day. During the topic, pupils will research the lives of the ordinary people who faced the Blitz and had to deal with rationing and evacuation. I’m looking forward to telling them about the inspiring stories and achievements of significant people such as Anne Frank and Winston Churchill. Key texts will be used during this topic to inspire writing and link pupils’ history knowledge in the context of English. 

What is it like in Singapore Class?

Please take a look inside the classroom and look at where your children will be learning.

Our Weekly Timetable:


 Timetable Year 5 - Autumn Term.docxDownload
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Subject Specific Information:

Details coming soon...


Please find below the Curriculum Web for the half term and the Topic homework.

 Here We Are Topic Web.docxDownload
 Singapore Class Topic Web - Autumn Term 1 - World War 2.docDownload
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Our PE and Homework Timetable:

      Monday                  Tuesday              Wednesday                 Thursday               Friday

         PE                                                                                 PE    

                                                                                                       Homework due in                  Reading Journals        Homework sent out

                                                                                                               handed in for checking


                                                                                                            PPA - Mr Ryan teaching PE

                                                                                                                  and Computing


Pupils will continue to visit the library and have the opportunity to choose a book to read each week.

Pupils library day will be confirmed soon.

We hope you have a wonderful half term!