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Ferring C.E. Primary School

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PAL's & Peer Mediators

Year 6 children at our school have the opportunity to be either a Playground Activity Leader (PAL) or a Peer Mediator (PM).

PAL's are trained by our locality P.E. leader in how to organise and play games with small children. They learn about how to run different games with the children as well as running different competitions. At lunchtimes, the PAL's work with children in Reception and Key Stage 1 to play different games and activities. This could be a small competition, or simply helping to run a game between a group of friends. The younger children enjoy interacting with the older children.

Peer Mediators work in both Key Stage 1 and 2. Their role is to help children to solve any friendship problems and disputes that occur at lunchtimes. The Peer Mediators are also trained in order to allow them to solve problems peacefully by encouraging the children to think about the other person and to talk about how they feel. The children often prefer speaking to other children and the Peer Mediators know to get an adult involved if they feel the situation needs it.